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Now offering group sessions for those looking to find purpose, heal, and grow there relationship with self and GOD. 


Women's bible
study sessions

This is a free service that is being offered to help women grow spiritually. This service will provide a deeper understanding of the bible. We will focus on womanhood, building faith, and making connections. Each member will received a free prayer journal.  Each member will be responsible for purchasing the bible study book and completing the readings for the week.

Class will be held once a week. To sign up for this class please email:


Sister Circle

Do you feel alone? Are you unsure on how to find support? Are you searching for your own community? Each one of us belongs to a tribe. Sometimes it's not easy to find somewhere you just belong. If you are struggling to get through any storm than this group might just be for you. For a small fee of  $20.00 a month you can join an exclusive group. This group will include weekly group outings, gifts, workshops and a retreat. To sign up for this group please send an email to:


Purposefully Healing

Tired of having a Hot Girl Summer? It might be trending, but not the lifestyle your looking for. Are you feeling lost and searching for fulfillment? Maybe I can assist you. Spend this season with me guiding you towards purpose and transition. Its time to detach from the old version of you and bloom into the new version. It's time to heal! For a small fee of $20.00 a month you can participate in this group. To sign up for this group please email:

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